Exhibition introduction

Sponsored by the Innovation Alliance of Road Transport Equipment Science and Technology、China automobile warranty equipment industry association, "China International Road Transport Equipment and Technology Expo" is scheduled to be held simultaneously by HVTT16. The exhibition covers an area of 80,000 square meters, with 600+ exhibitors, 50,000 + professional visitors and 100+ domestic and foreign media. It is a powerful communication platform which provides innovative products and technical solutions for the majority of professionals, provide set image display, brand promotion, marketing for global road transport industry and related product manufactures. 

Road Transport Equipment Science and Technology Innovation Alliance is a non-profit social organization jointly launched by Research Institute of Highway Ministry of Transport (RIOH) in combination with the well-known domestic road transport vehicle manufacturing enterprises, research and development of key components manufacturing units, well-known universities, research institutions, intelligent road transport vehicles, new energy technology, vehicle inspection agencies and related vehicle certification unit .

The alliance and relevant road transport industry associations will make full use of the influence of members of road transport industry, the road transport management institution and road transport enterprises. During the same period in the convention and exhibition center, training, publicity, meetings will be carried out. In addition, the alliance and the professional working group will also organize well-known industry enterprises to launch new products, carry out the technology and standardization communication and other special activities, to provide a solid basis of professional audiences for fair.